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OK this is just a test, ladies and gentlemen, please don't take this seriously and write all kinds of silly email to complaining that it is not PC. We are immune to such complaints anyway, since to be PC is not among our aspirations.

The divine on earth

Three pretty girls at the party for the AIDS Panel on December 4th at NYU

The title of the panel: AIDS: Why We Can't Wait

OK bachelors (we are addressing males here, please):

Is there anything more beautiful than this sight?

Maybe you have to be a man....but it seems to us that these three divine Vestal Virgins embody the overriding truth of human existence, namely:

The central purpose of man is to put a smile on the face of a beautiful wench, whether lover, wife or daughter.

(What utter piffle. - Ed.)

OK, we admit upon reflection that the above is a little overboard. They certainly are healthy examples of young women looking fetching at a party, enhanced by their friendship for each other with a little booze helping things along. How about another, perhaps more convincing beauty? Let's see...

Well, there you are, warmth and a little more substance added. Of course, a 28 mm lens is not exactly a portrait lens. Step back, please, and twist to 45 mm at least. Surprised that you have to be reminded, Sir.

Soho during Fashion Week is a paradise, where beauty is to be found everywhere, sometimes adjusting her cosmetics...

Now we enter a realm where inner beauty matches outer, enhanced by the pleasure a good woman feels when her qualities are recognized in public and we pay tribute with the click of a shutter, more than one click in fact.

Short and sweet, and all the sweeter because thoughtful in the quiet way that is the most distinguished, along the lines that Boswell once commented, that truly great men and women rarely burst out into loud and raucous laughter, despite what we see so often on stage and screen.

A glimpse of what the ecologically sensitive might be wearing in the winter of 2010, courtesy of GreenShow.

(In winter? One of them is wearing shorts on her divinely elongated legs. - Ed.)

Well, you know whose sister this is, do you? and how well she responded to the lens, allowing the capture of a graphically interesting layout instead of the mundane.

Sometimes, Alas, the business of rewarding the eye with your person can become a little tiresome, even if highly paid, so there are moments when reality shows through, as in, When is my flight back to London? Or one can crack a joke or two with the famed photog Mark Fisher for light relief.

In conclusion

Anyhow, that's a bit of reality for you, to counterbalance the absurd excesses of the commentary earlier, which only betray the naive sentiments of the man who loves women, despite finding out how dangerous they can be - after all, their essential motivation is to capture you for life!

(This is getting even more absurd. - Ed.)

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